Quenton Jordan

“From day one at Gloucester, we were challenged by Mrs. James and the rest of the faculty to dare to be solutionists – to go beyond identifying issues by developing solutions. I’ve carried this challenge with me through all aspects of my life. Moving to Washington DC after graduation forced me to become more engaged in the political scene. Being the solutionist that the program developed me into, I began applying my ideas and personal values to many of the most pressing issues that our nation was faced with and determined that, although I was a lifelong Democrat based on how I was raised, my views more closely aligned with that of conservative values. This was a realization that I do not believe I would have come to had it not been for the simple challenge that was placed on me from day one and the critical thinking and leadership skills that I was taught as a student in the Emerging Leaders Program.”

Quenton Jordan, Emerging Leaders Program Alumnus Class of 2014